Every Player's Unique Puzzle Solution

CIOF offers players to solve the puzzle in their own unique way.

Old but Gold Puzzle Game

CIOF brings back to old puzzle game style into the new modern mobile platform.

Appealing to All Ages

CIOF is a unique and creative puzzle game from 7 to 70.

About Us

We Are
Unity Game Devs

We have always wanted to be a part of game development environment and with this project we have the chance to do it so, we are willing to push our limits and do the best we can.

As Team 10, we had no experience about developing mobile games but CIOF became a noteworthy experience for us. Some of us may head for game industry.

Unique Ways to Solve Each Puzzle Level

Every player has their own unique solution to finish the levels.
Create your own unique solution.

Game design that appeals to everyone

Everyone likes to solve puzzles and find mystery.
Build your own solution and make the little cat happy.

Fun & Creative for Kids

As kids play the game, they will improve their way of thinking while finding a different solution for each puzzle.

Compete on globally

With your own solution, get the highest score and compete with the other players on all around the world.

And many more...

We will come out to you with new themes, characters and new level challenges.

Our Work